Saturday, May 15, 2010

Minnesota Craft Beer Week! May 17-22

Just a quick reminder, Monday starts the inaugural Minnesota Craft Beer Week! Zipp's is one of the few liquor stores participating in the event(s). From 6-8 Monday - Saturday next week, we will be sampling out a bevy of craft beer. We will also be pulling out some gems from the Zipps Beer Cellar! Discounted pricing on a bunch of craft beer as well. MNCBW Passports can also be purchased for $3 at the store with all proceeds going to Alzheimer's Research.

Hopefully we will see a bunch of you in the store next week.



Monday, April 5, 2010


Ready... Fire... Aim!

Always willing to take chances with their beer, I'm happy to report that the Furthermore Brewery from Spring Green, Wisconsin is our April beer of the month! Clocking in at $7.49 a 6pk, you won't be disappointed with their offerings.

To start, their spring/summer seasonal Fatty Boombalatty is an insanely drinkable Belgian Ale. The beer is lightly spiced with coriander, but is hopped enough that the spice never overpowers. A small amount of wheat in the grain bill gives the beer a creamy texture. The aroma presents itself as a cross between a Witbier and a Pale Ale: scents of bubblegum, leafy and slightly citrusy hops with the smallest hint of spice in the background. Flavor follows suit, except the hops come more to the fore with the spice still hiding but asserting itself on the finish. The finish is dry and crisp while the beer is held together by a creamy texture. Even at 7.2%, the alcohol never really asserts itself. This is an awesome spring/summer sipper.

Next up in their lineup is the Knot Stock; an American Pale Ale brewed with a kiss of black pepper. Wha?!? Black pepper? "Not in my beer" you say. "Yes in your beer!" say I! Initially on the nose, aromas of sweeter malt and grapefruity hops show themselves, but as the beer opens up the pepper notes come out. The flavor starts with some earthy hops, dry, cracker-like malt and then blam!... pepper on the finish. Not for the faint of heart, Knot Stock is a delicious APA/Spiced cross.

Three Feet Deep is their interpretation of a Dry Irish Stout. Brewed with peat-smoked malt for some earthy/smoky intensity. Cocoa, lightly smoked malt and dried, earthy peat hit the nose upon sniffing. Flavors of toasted nuts, dried cocoa, smoked wood and peat make this a unique sipper, but at only 5.5%, easily sessionable. Another interesting hybrid (smoked/dry stout) beer.

To round out the lineup is Proper: an English Pale Ale. As they say on their website "12 ounces of easy-going elegance." Couldn't have said it better myself. At 4.5% this is the lightest of their year round beers. Kent Golding hops provide a light, but slightly spicy hop flavor, but the addition of Tettnang hops provide a good dose of floral aromatics and flavors. Not overly complex, but as with all of their other beers, very high on the drinkablility scale.

Furthermore takes some chances with their beers and for that I applaud them. On sale all month long.